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Web3 Network Center

"Everything begins with education, so you can

learn to earn!"

"What is NFT, Blockchain, or Fintech?  How do I buy Cryptocurrency and how can I spend it?"

We offer:
Our Services

Our Services

Crypto 101

A live interactive training class to get you started in the world of Crypto!  Learn how to set up your own crypto exchange account, your own digital wallet and most importantly learn how to manage it!

Business Consulting


Be an early adopter and learn how you and your company can get ahead of the growth curve and capitalize on it!

Tap into the innovation of... 

  • Blockchain Technology 

  • DeFi Banking

  • FinTech

  • and much more!!!


Web3 Opportunities

Explore the many different Web3 business network projects.  Start building your portfolio and capitalize on the Web3 opportunities!

"The Web3 Network is a great place to start your crypto education and to gain full confidence in your Web3 journey!"

Ebrahim Qureshi

Web3 Network Center

Director of Enrolment 

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